Bielenda Comfort Foot Socks Mask Removes dead skin Moisturizes feet


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1. Antiperspirant socks 2-phase treatment for feet WITH ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Detoxifying and refreshing TREATMENT FOR FEET is a perfect solution for persons with excessive sweating and feet odor problem. The treatment consists of two steps which help the skin of the feet recover softness and freshness, and reduce cumbersome sweating. The package contains: – 1 pair of plastic socks (one size) – two sachets: 1 with activated charcoal paste + 1 with antiperspirant cream.
2. Exfoliating treatment  - for feet is a simple way to smooth and soft feet without cumbersome feeling, using mechanical peels, abrasive products or milling machines in beauty salons. It effectively removes dead, thickened and rough skin on feet and heals. Effective combination of 3 types of acids (Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acid) and 5% concentration of Urea provides efficient care for parts prone to keratosis and hardening. The treatment actively supports natural processes of exfoliation of the skin of the feet, deeply renews and regenerates it.
3. Active Ointment -  for cracked heels with 20% UREA This treatment will bring relief to the skin of the heels prone to cracking and keratosis due to excessive dryness of the skin, improper diet, wrong footwear or daily hygiene negligence. Very high, 20% Urea concentration and the content of other active ingredients, such as Lanolin, D-Panthenol, Vitamin A + E, Alantoin and Macadamia Oil, visibly soften the skin of the feet and heels, making it smooth, delicate and regenerated.
Each box contains 1 treatment.