Bielenda MINTY FRESH FOOT CARE Refreshing & smoothing foot peeling cream-mask


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A creamy foot PEELING with smoothing effect. It has a pumice-based formula that gently exfoliates dead skin and prepares the skin of the feet to absorb active ingredients.

How it works?

Smoothes the skin of the feet, leaving it smooth and soft to the touch. At the same time, it refreshes and supports skin regeneration, softens calluses. Gently but effectively exfoliates dead skin, improves the condition of the skin of the feet, moisturizes it.

What contains?

Refreshing mint extract, exfoliating pumice.

How to use?

Apply the peeling to clean and dry skin of the feet. Massage about 2-3 minutes, then rinse and dry your feet. You can leave the product on the skin for 10 minutes to enhance the hydration effect. After using the peeling, apply your favourite foot cream.

Capacity: 10 g / 1 treatment.