Bielenda SKIN SHOT 2-step Pro Care Sheet Face mask + Ampule Serum


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What will you find in the sachet? Two steps to perfectly moisturized skin and an antioxidant effect:

STEP 1) AMPOULE SERUM, with a light formula that will provide your skin with the first dose of precious active ingredients,

STEP 2) SHEET MASK, full of good care, which applied to the skin after applying the serum will create an occlusive layer ensuring better absorption of active substances contained in the serum.

Vitamin C - brightening and detox. Contains FERULIC ACID (has strong antioxidant properties),  VITAMIN C (contributes to the slowdown of skin aging processes, restores its elasticity) and YUZU EXTRACT (a valuable source of antioxidants and ceramides that strengthen the skin's barrier function).

Pomegranate - anti-age and regeneration. Contains SHIKIMIC ACID (exfoliates the skin and stimulates its regeneration, moisturizes, firms the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles) and PRO-RETINOL (regenerates, supports collagen production, reduces fine wrinkles and stimulates the activity of skin cells).

Sea Algae - deep hydration. Contains HYALURONIC ACID (has a unique ability to retain water in the epidermis, provides the skin with the proper level of moisture, protects it from loss of elasticity), TRANEXAMIC ACID (restores skin firmness and good condition, soothes, has moisturizing and smoothing properties) and SEA ALGAE EXTRACT (rich in minerals and vitamins B, C, D and E, softening, toning and moisturizing).

How to use:

STEP 1 - apply the serum in the ampoule to the cleansed face, avoiding the eye and mouth area. STEP 2 - apply a mask in a sheet on the skin moisturized with the serum so that the entire surface adheres to the skin. Remove the mask after about 20 minutes, and massage its remains into the skin in circular motions.

Each sachet contains 1 sheet face mask + 3ml serum ampule. 1 treatment.