PaintGlow Cosmetic PEEL OFF Glitter Fix Gel Fixative Glue


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Makes it easy to apply glitter to your face/body.

Paint Glow’s Glitter Fixation Glue features an easy to use and dispense nozzle, which allows you to glide the glitter adhesive in a smooth and controlled fashion. However intricate your creation, once you have applied your quick-drying glitter glue, grab your desired Glitter and shake the product over the adhesive.

Ocean-friendly, this product has been designed to keep the sea free of glitter by being peeled off and disposed of once the party is over.  Glitter is peeled off and goes into the bin rather than down the drain and into the ocean.

Quick-drying. Long lasting.

VEGAN - does not contain any animal derived ingredients.

CRYSTAL CLEAR - Formula that allows you to hold glitter in place on the face and body whilst not altering the appearance.

Net weight 12ml

Made in the UK. 100% Cruelty Free

Dermatologically Tested