DELIA Color Cream Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Henna Tint with Argan Oil Lasts 14 days


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Delia Cosmetics Eyebrow color cream 

Advanced, creamy eyebrow colourisation, just like from a beauty salon.

Contains argan oil. 

Convenient method for colouring eyebrows yourself. Perfect for women of any age. 

Eliminates everyday use of brow pencil. Easy and economic treatment to be done at home. 

Simply mix the cream colourant and activator, and apply velvet emulsion on brows with a spatula added to the box

After removing henna, shape brows with tweezers in a fashionable or your preffered way. Colour intensity depends on application length. 

The treatment done according to the instruction on the box, will give your brows an ideal shape and enhance your eyes 

The colour lasts for up to 14 days, which lets you forget about everyday brow care and you don’t have to take additional products when you travel 

Dermatologically tested product, without PPD 

The products lasts for 15 applications, which means you can have beautiful eyebrows whenever you want