Eveline After Sun D-Panthenol Intense Repair Deeply Moisturising Body Balm 200m


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Eveline D-Panthenol Intensively Regenerating After Sun Balm is a multi-regenerative formula for dry and sensitive skin,

with a high content of D-panthenol, macadamia oil and kukui oil.

Instantly soothes and calms the skin irritated by sunbathing in the sun, as well as in the solarium. It repairs skin damage

caused by exposure to the sun, maximally moisturizes and deeply nourishes, reduces redness and a feeling of tight skin.

Natural oils and plant extracts rebuild the hydrolipid protective layer of the skin and make the skin elastic and

velvety smooth.

BioHyaluron 4D Complex™ moisturizes and firms the skin intensively and long-lastingly.

D-panthenol soothes and soothes, and above all strengthens and rebuilds the skin structure.

Dermatologically tested.

Active ingredients: D-panthenol, kukui oil, macadamia oil, shea butter, bioHyaluron 4D Complex™,

Centella Asiatica, vitamin E.

How to use: Apply after tanning lotion to cleansed skin of the whole body.