Eveline Face Therapy DERMO REVITAL S.O.S. Spot Concealer against Capillaries


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 Eveline FACE THERAPY S.O.S. Spot Concealer Against Capillaries & Redness, 15ml

Concealer 3 in 1 from dermoREVITAL series ensures immediate reduction in " spider veins " visibility and even skin tone.

Active ingredients:

Centella Asiatica - effectively soothes irritation

Cranberry Extract - perfect cares for capillary skin and antioxidises

Capillaser Complex and Chestnut Extract - stimulates microcirculation

Green Pigments - help to conceal redness

Application: Apply the concealer point-by-point on visible redness, "spider veins" and imperfection dependent on the needs. Use on as cream, under make up.