Eveline Food for Hair Deep Treatment Mask Natural Ingredients 20ml or 500ml

Eveline Cosmetics

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Food for Hair Mask from Eveline cosmetics allows you to improve the appearance and condition of your hair.

Apply the mask after washing for soft, light and shiny strands. Use the mask before washing for deeper treatment.

99% of natural ingredients. Cruelty free. Vegan.

Available size:500ml or 20ml sachet (1 treatment).

Aroma Coffee Hair Mask:

Natural coffee extract stimulates the hair follicle and effectively
prevents hair loss. Red chilli pepper extract increases blood flow
and activates metabolic processes at the root, stimulates and accelerates
hair growth. Guarana extract revives, regenerates and strengthens the hair.

Sweet Coconut Hair Mask:

Natural coconut oil intensively moisturizes. Macadamia oil strengthens
the hair follicles, preventing damage and brittleness. Passion fruit extract
nourishes, refreshes and adds stunning gloss.

Banana Care Hair Mask:

is dedicated for care of dry and brittle hair.
The energizing aroma of sweet banana stimulates the senses and improves
the mood with every application. It is rich in moisturizing and nourishing
ingredients. It allows you to improve the appearance and condition of hair.