Eveline Foot Care Med+ Professional Exfoliating Mask Callous Rough & Dry Heels


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Eveline Foot Care Med+ Professional Exfoliating Mask Callous Rough & Dry Heels


Professional exfoliating mask to be performed individually at home, intensely cares for heel area, especially where callouses are formed. Formula developed in cooperation with the pedologist was based on 20% PODOPeel™ unique complex (lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, urea) that effectively stimulates the process of keratinized epidermis exfoliation, leaving the heels smooth, soft and delicate. Additionally, peppermint soothes the newly exfoliated skin. Sugar cane extract and orange extract enhance the level of its moisturization, supporting nourishment and quick regeneration of the epidermis.

Directions for use:
1. Clean and dry your feet.
2. Open the package, take out the Exfoliating Pad and put it on the heel in the same direction as shown in the picture.
3. Unfold the Protecting Fabric and wrap it over the Exfoliating Pad.
4. Attach the fixing label to fasten the fabric. After application, wash your hands with lukewarm water.
5. After 60 minutes remove the Protecting Fabric and the Exfoliating Pad.
6. Wash your feet with lukewarm water.
7. Exfoliating process will start after 3-5 days. Depending on the thickness of calluses, they will be removed within subsequent 3-5 days. Do not use a callus remover or pick the calluses when they start peeling off.
Precautions: the product is designed exclusively for use on heels. Do not use otherwise than indicated on the packaging.
• Before use, perform an allergy test by applying a small amount of the product onto the skin.
• Avoid using on injured, irritated or sunburned skin.
• Stop using the product and consult the doctor if redness, swelling, itching occurs on the skin or if these symptoms persist after using the product.
• The product contains AHAs and BHAs. Do not use in case of sensitivity or allergy to these substances.
• Avoid contact of the product with the eyes. If the preparation gets into the eyes, wash them with water.
• Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or storage at high and low temperatures.
• Keep out of reach of children.