Eveline Long Lasting Mist Make up Setting Fix Spray Transparent Vegan 50ml

Eveline Cosmetics

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Eveline Long Lasting Refreshing Mist - Makeup Setting spray. 

You will feel fresher and your makeup will last longer with this ultra-light setting spray.

Gently fixing your makeup for polished, prolonged wear.


Fixing and refreshing mist keeps your make-up undamaged for up to 10 hours! Additionally, it intensely moisturizes and regenerates the skin. Mist of aloe vera pleasure on your face!

Fixing mist with hyaluronic acid and bioorganic aloe vera is the marvellous hydration and regeneration of your skin! Perfect formula takes care of natural microbiome of the skin and its relaxation. The cosmetic allows for fixing the make-up for up to 10 hours!

Mattifying and refreshing mist moisturizes, protects the skin against impurities and extends make-up durability. Effective active ingredients mattify and soften the skin. Spray coconut freshness on your face!

Mist with bioorganic coconut effectively moisturizes and protects the skin against external factors. The formula, containing volcanic clay, reduces sebum production, while hyaluronic acid and coconut water refresh and soften the skin, leaving it delicately matt. The mist significantly extends make-up durability!

Not tested on animals!

Suitable for vegans.