Marion VEGANBAR Solid Hair Shampoo Bar Natural ingredients Vegan Ecological 50g


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MARION VEGANBAR Shampoo bar, 50g

The VEGAN BAR line is a perfect combination of ecological recipes with quality and effectiveness. Packed in a cardboard box, it reduces the use of plastic bottles.

The application of the product is extremely convenient, simple and pleasant at the same time. The shampoo lathers well and spreads through the hair. Thick foam with a very nice, plant scent, rinses off the hair without any problems.


After using the bar, the hair is clean, refreshed, soft and full of shine.

After washing your hair, you can apply your favorite conditioner or mask.

The product is vegan-friendly.


Hemp oil & coffee Shampoo bar is for fine, greasy hair that cleanses, cares and refreshes hair extensions. It contains hemp oil and coffee extract.


Plum oil & cocoa butter Shampoo bar is for dry and damaged hair that cleanses, conditions and moisturizes hair.


Rub the moistened cube with your hands until it foams or spread it directly onto wet hair. Gently apply it to your hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes. Dry the cube after use and store in a dry place.