Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting Concealer Kit Palette

Maybelline New York

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Master Camo Color Correcting Kit from Maybelline takes the guesswork out of color correcting. Curated by skin tone; now correct, conceal, and highlight for the insta-perfect canvas.

Three simple steps to a perfected complexion:

color correct, conceal, and reveal. Helps neutralize skin tone issues, conceal imperfections and under eye circles, and brighten facial features.


STEP 1: CORRECTION : correct the redness with the green hue and camouflage the stains with the yellow hue.

STEP 2: CONCEALER : mix the two shades to neutralize dark circles and imperfections.

STEP 3: illuminators : illuminate shadows and areas of the face to highlight such as the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the arch of the eyebrow.

Complete with a dual-ended applicator brush.