Revuele Black 3D Peel Off Face Mask with HYALURON and Activated Carbon 80ml


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For smooth and beautiful skin use BLACK MASK 3D Facial Peel Off HYALURON which is based on activated carbon. 
It purifies skin perfectly, removes deep dirt, reduces blackheads. The active ingredients of the Mask affect the skin in-depth as well as on its surface. Hydrated from the inside the skin acquires more elasticity. The skin’s surface becomes smooth, the skin looks more healthy, fresher and well-cared for.
Application: Step 1. Pore opening. To prepare your skin for cleansing, lay a warm wet towel on your face. Keep it in place for 5 minutes.
Step 2. Deep purification. Apply an even and continuous layer of mask avoiding the areas directly around the eyes, lips and eyebrows. Leave the mask on until fully dry.
Step 3. Remove the mask. Start removing from the base of the chin upwards with single slow movements.
Step 4. Final step. Use water to remove any mask residue from the face.
Avoid the area directly around the eyes, lips and eyebrows. For external use only. Avoid the contact with the eyes. Do not use on damaged/scarred skin. Avoid over-drying of the mask.
80ml. Made in EU