Stargazer Nail Art Decorations Caviar Manicure Beads


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Stargazer Nail Decor - Caviar Manicure Beads How to do caviar nails:
1. Apply clear base coat.
2. Apply one coat of nail polish onto your nails and let them dry. It can be a black polish for black beads and silver polish for silver beads or any other colour (depends of your design)
3. Apply a second coat of color to one hand, and let the polish get tacky for 10 seconds. Then, over a sheet of paper, a cup, or a plastic tray, pour the microbeads over your nail bed, ensuring you coat the entire surface of your nail bed like glitter over glue.
4. When each nail is entirely covered, use the pad of your finger to press and secure the caviar beads. Repeat this on your other hand.
5. Pour the excess beads back into the jar to save for later, then apply a tiny drop of top coat along your nail tip to seal the caviar. 
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