Stargazer Neon Hair Gel Bright Colour Temporary Dye Wash out instantly


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Stargazer Neon Wash Out Hair Colour
The Neon Colour Wash Out Hair Colour is a temporary colouring hair gel, which allows you to style your hair in 6 neon colours. 
The Neon Colour Wash Out Hair Colours are vegan-friendly, paraben free and cruelty-free. 
The Neon Colour Wash Out Hair Colour, reacts to glow under UV black lights to fluoresce with bright colour, showing off your vibrant colour.
The new application system all lead to the ability to put some very beautiful and individual colour effects in our hair. 
Be it just lines of colour or whole hair colouring. 
How to use: simply style your hair as desired, then apply the UV hair gel using the built in comb. 
You can apply several layers, and even make stripes if you use more than one colour. 
To remove, simply wash out with shampoo and water.
All Neon Colour Wash Out Hair Colour's will stay in the hair for one wash and will cover any type of hair. 
The Neon Colour Wash Out Hair Colours are made in the UK and are cosmetically approved.
Vegan. Paraben Free.

 Made in UK.