Technic METALIX PRISM Cream Eyeshadow Metallic Starry Eyes Highly Pigmented


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Technic Cream Eyeshadow.

Easy to apply with built in applicator.
Quick-drying. NOT STICKY.
New, sealed. 6ml.

Technic Metalix Cream Eyeshadow

Highly pigmented mega shimmer cream for a metalized look that will last all night long!

Colours: Halo, Champagne, Rosie Posie, Taupe be, Plum Pudding, Brandy Snap.

Prism Starry Eyes

Prism’s mega shimmer Starry Eyes eyeshadow creams can be used alone or on top of eyeshadow. They are available in two different shades: Ethereal and Celestial. The Starry Eyes eyeshadow creams are made with a special iridescent pigment and their formulation allows them to be long lasting and hardwearing to ensure a flawless finish.

Colours: Celestial, Etherial