PaintGlow Cosmetic Loose GLITTER Shaker Fine and Chunky


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Use on any part of the body- skin, nails, hair, face… 

Loose glitter in a unique dispenser. The glitter shaker works just like a salt shaker, open the lid and shake the shimmering glitter to achieve really magical glitter result on the hair, nails, face or body.

Face/Body: apply glitter fix gel  first, then add some glitter by brush or finger. This will keep the glitter in place.

Easy application with PaintGlow Glitter Fix Gel. Net WT 13 ml.

Please select GLITTER FIX GEL in drop down menu if you want to add it to your order.

You can also apply the glitter to your face or body using moisturising cream or a little vaseline.

Nails: apply on the top of the wet nail polish. Once dried, apply top coat.

Dermatologically Tested. 100% Cruelty Free.

Made in UK