Eveline Automatic eye pencil with sponge Eye Max Precision Eyeliner

Eveline Cosmetics

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Handy automatic eye pencil with unique Eye Max Precision sponge applicator allows making clear, matt and precise lines on the eyelid that underline and visually enlarge eyes. Special applicator made of soft latex is perfect for making fashionable „smokey eyes” make-up.
Eye pencil is quite soft to precisely and accurately draw the line on the upper and bottom eyelid and at the same time firm enough not to catch on the eyelashes line and not to make lumps among eyelashes.
Creamy texture of the cosmetic allows drawing the line effortlessly, not stretching the delicate skin around eyes, and the active ingredients contained in the formula allow for combining spectacular visual effect with daily care:
- LANOLIN is a natural ingredient with multidirectional action, regulating water and lipid management of the epidermis, softening and smoothening the skin;
- BEESWAX contains mineral ingredients that perfectly make the skin elastic and soft.

Long Lasting Effect 24h ultra durable formula in combination with natural pigments will allow enjoy perfect eye make-up all day long.
Make-up can be smoothly and quickly removed with any make-up removal.