Rimmel Magnif'Eyes DUO Pen Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Stick Double Ended Pencil


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Magnifeyes Double Eyeliners by Rimmel is an innovative proposition for women who value comfortable solutions and expressive eye makeup. 

Eyeliner 2-in-1 is a combination of shadow and eyeliner. 

On the one hand, the cosmetic in the form of a pen there is a shadow in a crayel with a creamy, strongly written formula. On the other hand, there is eyeliner, thanks to which the eye will be precisely emphasized.

With this tip, you can not only outline the contour of the eye, but also create a fashionable, feline shape and perfectly even lines.

Provides an amazing look all day long, does not fade and does not smudge on the skin.

Magnifeyes Double Eyeliners scratches, sculpts and defines the eye, while comfortable pen packaging provides easy application.